Two most effective words...

“The two most effective words you can use in a headline are free and new.

   —   David Ogilvy (1911-1999)

“We have a new idea for you, but it isn’t free.”

   —   Tom Boatman (1963-)

Happy New Year. Tom Boatman, here. I hope you enjoy our new brand image. We have worked hard to position Native Creative as a company that can take your message, brand or creative presentation to the next level. We’re not free, but we do promise to give you a new perspective and a fresh look at your communications objectives and how best to achieve them. Please have a look around the new website and tell us what you think. 

I hope David Ogilvy, whatever he’s doing in Advertising Heaven, can find it in his heart to forgive me for using a “gimmick.” Times have changed dramatically since “Confessions of An Advertising Man,” was published (the year of my birth) but his influence remains as strong as ever. Yet, many of us in “the industry” wonder where technology is taking our messages and who is really listening. Our traditional Japanese New Year’s greeting card, or nengajo, is an old school approach. For 2016 we take a playful look at the devolution of modern man. 

We have to admit 2015 was a rough year for many people on many fronts, but we are looking forward to seeing what happens in 2016. I hope you will join us. Perhaps we can create some magic together.