What’s your brand promise? We’ll make sure you deliver. Every time.

Your brand is the personality of your company, product or service. It may have a history and it will have a future. That future is the promise of a unique experience. What your customers, competitors and the media believe about your brand will shape it, but you have to deliver. Can you keep the promise?

Developing a personality that grabs attention, promises a unique experience and builds loyalty.

Brands aren’t built overnight, so your brand strategy needs to be focused on long-term goals and growth. If you have a new business or product, we can help you establish a brand image designed to achieve your immediate business objectives. If you have an established brand that needs tweaking, is ready for a transition or even a major overhaul, we can make the creative process smooth, focused and fluid for you and your organization.


What’s brand charisma and how do I get some?

Your brand personality or image need not be charismatic or even cool. It might be conservative, traditional, playful or even nostalgic. Branding is the process of establishing a communications platform to guide all your marketing efforts toward an identity that uniquely suits your company, product or service and differentiates it from others in the market.

Our Brand Services Include 

Here are some brands and brand campaigns we’ve had the pleasure of helping to create, re-develop or revitalize. 


Safety first. See how we worked with Hakuhodo to help Toyota enhance its safety brand image by promoting seatbelt use in Southeast Asia. 

Elements: slogans, taglines ad copy, poster copy, billboards, TV CF narration. 

People first. See how we teamed up with tanj branding in the USA to re-brand the copy for People Focus Consulting in Tokyo. 

Elements: Brand audit assistance, adaptation of brand statement to Japanese, web navi, web copy. Go to website: 

Dream power. As part of the original Hakuhodo team that created Honda’s current global slogan, The Power of Dreams, back in 1999. Tom Boatman was recently recruited by Hakuhodo to help re-define the brand by authoring a new brand statement that reflects the current aspirations of the company.  

Elements: Brand statement copy

Honda Slogan from paper video_2015 copy.png

Power up. Working with Hakuhodo we helped to establish Toshiba as a major player in the energy development and infrastructure in India. 

Elements: Copy and taglines

The toast of Japan. See how we helped Japan’s Sajio region sake brewers educate foreigners about sake and attract sake tourists to the town.

Elements: Creative planning, slogan, brochure copy, website copy, sake bottle label sleeve. Go to website
Design: Momo Yano

saijo 1.jpg

Elements: Slogan and ad copy.

Shipping more: Working with Hakuhodo we developed this global brand slogan to communicate that this major Japanese shipping company does more than just shipping products and commodities, it brings more value to the lives people
around the world. Pictured are banners for the initial launch of the slogan featuring
the Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kotooshu.