You have a message. We have the words.

We'll help you decide what to say. Craft your message. Start a discussion with your customers. Adapt when necessary. Repeat as needed. 

Chatting with Aunt Minnie

Copy is a conversation with your customer, your target or the general public. It needs a conversational tone, just like you were explaining something to your Aunt Minnie over coffee at the kitchen counter. Aunt Minnie is busy, she gets distracted easily, but she is very interested in what you have to say. I bet she sounds like some of your customers or friends. Keep her interested. Speak her language. Mind your manners. Simplify. Highlight. Gently escort her to your key message. Tell her what she needs to do with the information. The same rules apply to print, video and web, but each media has unique demands. 

Keeping it short & sweet

You can learn a lot in five seconds from a good poster— the earliest form of strategic visual communication. Take, for example, cave drawings describing a hunt 15,000 years ago, or Martin Luther nailing his list of 95 Theses on a church door to launch the Reformation in the 1500s. In the same spirit, we have witnessed graffiti tags evolving from vandalism into high art.

Tweet to the beat

Today, we usually don’t have time to linger. It’s tweet and beat. Attract. Excite. Inform. Engage. Then comes the action. Action is what you want, but your audience has to understand what to do. We can help.

Going deep & long

Some stories require a little more development and a little more investment. Sometimes you need more words, more pages or more pictures. We certainly appreciate the 90-minute movie format, but if a director can keep us spell bound for two hours, we don’t mind. Twitter is immediate, amusing, informative and sometimes effective, but a long letter from a dear friend is priceless. Think of your customers as friends. We can help you decide what kind of message will reach them, touch them, encourage them to act and help you achieve your goals. 

Our Copy Services Include

Juke joint. See how we help put a jolt in to the new Nissan Juke brochure in cooperation with E-Graphics in Tokyo. 

Elements: Brochure headlines and copy.
Design: E-Graphics.

Energizing technology. See how we helped Mitsubishi Electric promote its energy-saving technologies in a magazine print ad to web multimedia campaign. 

Elements: Ad headlines and copy, web copy, video narration copy.
Design: Momo Yano.

All revved up. See how we helped establish the image copy for the Nissan 350 Z in global markets, working with TBWA/Hakuhodo. 

Elements: Brochure headlines and copy.
Design: Inter-Wave Japan.

Take the Z train. See how we help rev up the Nissan 350 Z in a brochure produced by Inter-Wave in Tokyo for E-Graphics.

Elements: Brochure headlines and copy.
Design: Inter-Wave Japan.

Elements: Creative planning for website, all English headlines and copy. Go to website.
Design & Build: Maikai K.K.

No handicap here. See how we helped the exclusive Taiheiyo Club attract more overseas golfers with a new English-language website.

Elements: Brochure headlines and copy. 
Design: Non Associates Inc.

Show time! Tune in to the brand image copy we developed for a brochure broadcasting Panasonic's sleek line of home entertainment products.