It’s showtime. What’s your story?

Ready for the big presentation? Showing your ideas to the client. Selling your agency or studio to a prospect. Giving that elevator pitch. Entertaining and educating an audience. When you go “live” with ideas, you are selling yourself and representing your company, your client, your agency and your brand. You need to be relaxed, intense yet convivial. And you need to have stories. Does that seem like a tall order? We'll make it easy.

How to command attention and enjoy it.

We can help you find your voice, develop your stories, energize them and use them to present your brand, even if that brand is you. Develop a story for every business situation you may encounter. Learn simple techniques for answering tough questions and staying on message. Develop your back-story. Something personal that reveals your humanity. Something provocative. Admit your faults. Note your successes and professional accolades.  Be honest.

Breaking the ice with panache

Imagine you are at a party. How do you break the ice with someone new? How do you introduce yourself? What’s the story you tell to ease the tension and facilitate an exchange of ideas? Even when the objective is business it’s handy to have a stock of anecdotes that anyone can relate to: fitness tips, food phobias, unusual hobbies, tales of transformative travels. In branding and advertising, the best ideas come from true-life stories. If you can bring life to the stories, if they come from your real life experiences, you will be able to connect with others.

Native Creative Energizing Presentation Programs


Powerful Business Presentations 

How to plan, produce and deliver a winning business presentation.

Uplifting Elevator Pitches

Going up? Learn how to develop 5-minute business pitch that will leave your prospects asking for more. 

Becoming an Engaging Guest Speaker

Tips and techniques for preparing and delivering a keynote speech or presentation for a business or social event. 

Native 2020 Gold

A guide to ensuring that your corporate communications plan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics meets the global gold standard.  Includes: audit of current communication materials, suggestions for global enhancement, adaptation work, and front line sales staff presentation training.